In 2015, I was asked to design a quick logo for a business proposal a friend was putting together. His company is called Fresh Market, and he wants to bring the community in for chef demos, wine pairings, ingredient purchases, and home ingredient deliveries. I sent him a quick logo, and a few weeks later picked it up again to try and flesh out a rack card, food/delivery truck wrap, business card, and website.


Fresh Market isn’t a business yet, but developing the collateral makes the concept really come together and appear like a finished product.


You really can’t design a Fresh Market logo without incorporating green, so I did. The gradation of a new blade of grass was my inspiration for the logo, and that carried over to the aesthetic of the other elements.


When I designed the wrap for the food truck, at first I wanted it to be a mobile food made-to-order food truck. The longer I thought about it, though, the less I envisioned it would work. What made more sense was that because Raymore was a primarily rural area, it would benefit more from a mobile ingredient delivery service.


A primary function of Fresh Market is its educational classes taught by experienced chefs. While almost all the chefs I feature on the website are fictional, the attention on simplicity was what should really encourage novices to attend. Cooking should be a fun, simple, enriching experience for the whole family, and I believe this brand communicates just that sentiment.