I founded Odd Fox, inc. in 2015. This company offers web & print design, branding, printing, illustration, and advertising services like an Agency, but at rates small businesses and startups can afford.


Odd Fox, inc. was conceived while I was walking around in the woods near my parent’s house in Arkansas. We would see a ton of birds, some deer, squirrels, rabbits, and the odd fox if we looked hard enough. Good design is like the odd fox, because it is a rare, seldom encountered animal, wild and sly, and once you think you’ve figured it out, you’re left with a smile on your face.


Because we’re small, we utilize our resources in the most cost-effective ways to maximize value. We have access to Wholesale printers across the United States to get printed materials for a fraction of direct-to-consumer printer costs. We have partnerships with other local companies that own thousands of dollars worth of equipment that are at our disposal to fabricate any and everything.


We hire local freelancers when we have a large workload, and so we can adapt and expand to larger and larger contracts.


When I designed the logo for Odd Fox, inc., my intention was to give the company a sense of personality, without appearing too cutesy or juvenile. We're odd, but we aren't so far out there that we're unapproachable. The logo took about 5 months to fully develop, beginning as sketches and shapes, and even getting way too detailed, until I arrived at the version you see today.