In 2015, my branding proposal was chosen by Penn Valley students for the Penn Valley Recycles! initiative, whose purposes was to educate the campus on what our recycling bins accepted, and to remind everyone why recycling is important.


Early on in the design process, I knew I wanted to use an arrow oriented down for a few reasons. First, the downward arrow points of earth, the real focus of this campaign, and brings to mind the temporal, fragile nature of our existence. We are stuck here, and it’s not in our best interest to trash our only home. The second reason is the downward arrow will signify action, a la “I want this done Now.” It adds a more directed, forceful call to action than having no arrow present.


The campaign would focus on education, and so the main piece in this marketing is for over-the-recycling bin posters. When anyone walks up to the recycling bins, they won’t be able to help but read the poster’s bold lettering and make sure they’re throwing their waste in the appropriate bin.


While recycling is an important step, I believe that knowing how products are manufactured is important to changing the overall attitude and habits of consumers and manufacturers alike. If we really care about the earth, we would stop producing disposable containers like plastic bottles and cut down on wasteful packaging production, and we can only do this through an educated public.