A photograph of La Fuentes De Las Tarascas in Mexico.

Tarasca Salsa

In late 2014, I designed a complete branding identity and product packaging design for a salsa that would be sold in beer bottles. The final product you see is a four-pack of bottles (three salsas and one adobo simmer sauce).  The branding is heavily influenced by the area of Mexico where the flavors originated, and all of the salsas are adapted from real recipes from the state of Michoacán, Mexico.


After marrying my very own Mexican native, partially because of the flavors of his dishes, I asked him if he would collaborate on the right combination of salsas to create a truly unique bouquet of flavors that I could design around. What you see is the product of a collaboration of taste, history, and design.


The Tarasca brand is representative of the region in Mexico that inspired this product. The logo is actually a depiction of La Fuentes De Las Tarascas, or The Fountain of the Tarascas, depicting three indigenous women holding a large bowl of fruit. Each woman represents a different city in that region. The logo only has one woman holding up a bowl, forming the T in Tarasca.


Each salsa has an illustration representing the salsa. For Guaca Muerte, a Día de Muertos sugar skull is depicted, with a lightning bolt through one eye for a pop-culture twist on an old, beautiful symbol.  For the Adobo Lobo simmer sauce, a sugar-skull depiction of a wolf is pictured, with a bejeweled eye-patch. For Chile de Arbol, meaning “Tree Pepper,” a tree is depicted, and for Tarasca Verde, a truncated Tarasca logo is shown. These illustrations also feature heavily on the box art and POP Display artwork.